An effective campaign connects the efforts of individuals and groups and demonstrates a critical mass of support to strengthen the collaborative efforts of businesses, institutional leaders, and community members. They help motivate and encourage participants to take ownership of their contributions to meaningful change.

The CFTN is committed to providing network members with the tools and information required to carry out successful campaigns. Access materials from current and past campaigns via left sidebar.

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Ideas and Strategy for Public Outreach

These notes are an ongoing set of ideas, they have been collaboratively compiled through discussions, meetings, phone calls and webinars. They will be updated and shared regularly.

**The below information is also available as a word document; it can be downloaded here

Hold an annual soiree, gathering, celebration or recognition day/night

  • Have Music, Snacks and Speakers
  • Ensure that there is a fundraising component (ticket sales, drink sales, silent auction)
  • Celebrate Fair Trade Town or Campus status
  • Re-engage the municipality or University 
  • Raise a Fair Trade Town Flag at city hall
  • Kick off the annual Fair Trade Towns Renewal Process (report due July 1 of each year)

Host regular events

  • Use category of the month focuses to plan events centred on each monthly commodity, such as panels and speaking events, or film showings
  • Run a Carrot Mob – Convince a local retailer, café of shop to switch over to fair trade products, then pick a day and drive traffic to that store – in essence, rewarding that business for making the switch through increase traffic, awareness and sales
  • Host or plan happy hour gatherings or lunch and learns
  • Fashion shows
  • Bake sales
  • Challenge people to bring in photos or packing of fair trade products and post them on a community bulletin board

Partner with existing events

  • Other non-profits and community partners
  • Tradeshows and conference – bring fair trade to it, or set up part of the show as a fair trade section, which has been at EPIC sustainability expo in Vancouver, the Green Living Show in Toronto, and Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert in Montreal
  • Be at or partner with the farmers market
  • Working with your provincial council for international co-operation on a fair trade drinks, or a development drinks that is fair trade focused

Extend reach by connecting Town, Campus, School and Event efforts

  • Fair Trade Town – Build a community around becoming designated, and use it to push for greater change. Engage politicians, purchasers and decision makers. Overhaul policies
  • Fair Trade Campus – work with colleges and universities, work with students, admin and food services to switch over products and engage thousands of students
  • Fair Trade School – work with high schools on educational goals, products and awareness
  • Fair Trade Event – work with an event in your town or city on becoming designated. The Canada Games, the Vancouver International soccer festival and others have done this in the past

Use Campaigns to coordinate and drive the message

  • My Fair Valentine
  • Fairtrade Month
    • Vote for Canada’s Favourite Fairtrade Product – May 1 to 15
  • World Fair Trade Day – Stamp graphic out now, contact:
  • Canadian Fairtrade awards – Attend or spread the word online, held each September in Toronto
  • Fair Trade Campus Week
  • Fair Trade Halloween

Start a petition

  • Digital or print, to show community support for your initiative

Use Fair Trade Magazine


  • Order companies of Fair Trade Magazine
  • Broaden your reach by getting them out through partner groups and organizations
  • Engage companies, distributors, retails and politicians by dropping them off
  • Take them to libraries, offices and other public places 

Product donations

  • Seek donations from companies, and consider using a sponsorship level tier system to show them the visibility they will get in return 
  • Use them at events, and engage key people with them

Host a producer

  • In September of 2014 Chief Adam Tampuri visited Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver

Engage the retail sector

  • Connect with your local Ten Thousand Villages store
  • Set up a retail pop up store or marketplace

Engage media and use social media to get the word out even further

  • Social media
    • Use Facebook, Twitter and email signature banners
    • Tie into event or campaign hashtags
    • Take photos of you with Fairtrade products for Fairtrade Month, post and tweet about them.
    • Take selfies with Fairtrade products and post and tweet about them
    • #FtMay2015, #MaiFt2015, #FairTrade, #CommerceÉquitable
    • For World Fair Trade Day, join the global movement by following hashtags: #WorldFairTradeDay, #JournéeMondialeCommerceÉquitable
  • Press briefings – Hold one before event, on World Fair Trade Day, or at the start of Fairtrade Month
  • Media Advisory – write and submit one to your local media before an event, pushing them to come out!
  • Write stories for local papers, blogs or magazines
  • Setup photo booths at event, get people posing with mascots (maybe bananas) and then post them to Facebook   

CFTN National Conference

  • Attend the annual gathering!
  • Engage your community by trying to get them out to the event 
  • Host a live stream if conference sessions
  • Meet with conference goers from your region to discuss strategy and learning opportunities in the lead and after the conference
  • Details can be found here 

Engage your local celebrity and get them onboard

  • Broaden and diversify your reach and audience

Funding Ideas for Community Groups

  1. Ensure funding component to annual event, through ticket sales, drink sales, raffles and silent auction
  2. Launch membership to your organization or group, and charge and annual fee
  3. Connect with the municipality, and work with them as a municipal committee, which allow you access to funds for community engagement, it has been done by Fair Trade Olds
  4. Aviva Community Fund – often has small grants for community engagement
  5. Work with campus partners to access opportunities through the university or college  
  6. Connect with your local credit union, as they often have community engagement opportunities. Vancity and BC, Assiniboine in Manitoba are two examples
  7. **Put in place accountability mechanisms such as bringing on a board of directors, and register as a non-profit, hold an Annual General Meeting. Ensure financial management by tracking funds – revenue and expenses, open a bank account.  

Available Materials:

Promotional Materials - Fairtrade Canada offers promotional materials that they would love to send to you! Visit their website for more information. Materials include:
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